Leanne Dunic is the author of a book of lyric-prose, entitled To Love the Coming End (BookThug/Chin Music Press/Math Paper Press 2017).

She has published fiction, poetry, and non-fiction in various magazines and anthologies in Asia, North America, and the UK, as well as chapbooks by Leaf Press, Onzieme, and Bitterzoet. In 2015, she won the Alice Munro Short Story Contest, judged by Lisa Moore, who wrote “Dunic’s prose is spare, and at the same time, lush and vivid… [she] packs the space between what the narrator tells us and what the reader perceives with a situational irony that makes the hairs on the back of the neck stand at attention… a bold and exciting new voice.”

Being of mixed race, Leanne’s work explores identity and culturally diverse narratives. Environment is interpreted as dreamlike images in which fiction and reality meet, where time and memory reveal the complex co-existence of tradition and modernity. She is intrigued by the elements of what makes one masculine/feminine, by the dualities within oneself, and aims for her stories to subvert expectations.

A truly multi-disciplinary artist, Leanne is the singer/guitarist for the band The Deep Cove, where she finds another outlet for her writing skills. Their debut album, To Love the Coming End of the World will be released in 2017. Her visual art has been displayed in galleries in Japan, Singapore, and Canada. Leanne is the Artistic Director at the Powell Street Festival Society, an annual Japanese Canadian arts and culture celebration in Vancouver. She is also a MFA candidate at the University of British Columbia.

During Leanne’s writing process, she listens to this and this. In her previous lives, Leanne owned clothing boutiques, modelled, and worked in the music industry. She’d like to say that she spends half her time in British Columbia, and half her time in Asia, but this is not yet the case.